Organize a party


The festive aspect of a party makes the planning even more necessary. If you are meticulous in the organization, you will guard against the majority of unexpected surprises.

Thanks to these articles, we will remind you of all the measures to take so that your event remains within the legal framework, and everything runs as smoothly as possible, as much on the financial level as the security level, and of course the enjoyment.

Different types of parties

There are many big categories of parties, in particular, business parties and student parties. However, the two have certain similarities that we will present here, before narrowing down on the specificities of each one.

Firstly, the atmosphere. Even if it is not the same in the two parties, they should both have a festive side. It should not just be hard work, but relaxing at the same time. At the heart of the organization, you will have an event which offers the guests the chance to enjoy themselves, which contrasts with their work atmosphere. Enjoyment should be the goal of a party, like any event that is essentially social.

In addition, you will gather together individuals in the same location who all have a link with the others due to their relationship with the organizer. In having this idea in mind, you can further increase the enjoyment of your event by introducing entertainment where the theme is more or less directly focused around the brand image of the company or the school. You will thus give your guests the most chance to be able to talk about it. For a business party, this allows the improvement of the relationships between the guests invited ; for example, between the sales team and the clients. For a student party, this increases the enjoyment and satisfaction of party-goers.

Business party

Compared to a student party, a fundamental difference for a business party is that it is free. This could make you think that the guests expect less from the party. However it does not matter, because regardless of whether it is true or not, in the same way, it is important to satisfy the guests as much as possible.

The goal of the business party is to offer some relaxation and enjoyment time. To stay consistent with the free nature of the party, do not give guests the impression that they have to put in a lot of effort. Thus, the dress code should be less strict than that is expected from workers at the office. In the same way, the invitations should not be written in an overly formal manner. In preparing your event, that is to say, in putting the guests in the right frame of mind, you will assure in advance that the atmosphere at your party will be nice.

Parties are strictly for company staff, in which case, it is about thanking workers for the work that they do, and motivate them at the same time. It is also an opportunity for the « new » staff to meet those from different areas of the company. Finally, this allows everyone to meet their colleagues in a different light, one that is more relaxed, more affable, that will only aid in reinforcing the togetherness of the workforce. These internal work parties can be organized on a regular basis to celebrate the success of the company , commercially or technically, or a new ambition. This helps with team building.

When parties have the objective of bringing together all the staff and stakeholders of a business, the tone adopted for the invitations is a little more formal, and the enjoyment factor should be progressive and not be the main objective of the party. There is an art to mastering the ceremony so as to achieve a progression in the atmosphere : an elegant welcome, followed by an original buffet, and finally the slightly eccentric entertainment..for example. For a client or prospect, participating in a party of this genre will allow them to have a closer relationship with the salespeople who, up until that point, they had a more distant relationship with, perhaps even just a telephone relationship, and thus strike up a warmer and more loyal relationship.

The student party

A student party does not burden itself with too many rules. In contrast to business parties, there is not the risk of them becoming too extravagant. Instead, it would rather be a positive result.

Generally, good organization will be enough, and once the party is launched, be sure to respect the programme. A bit like a firework, start the entertainment at the right time. It is always better to do more than not do enough. More entertainment, more music, more catering services are not a problem, except in terms of budget. For a student party, you should balance your budget with the contributions from tickets sales, which will be essential.

Precisely, the challenge of the student party, once it has started, concentrates more specifically on the latter. Whereas students are independent during a party, it will be good to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere to put your partners at ease and show them all the efforts that you have made to ensure that their brand is enhanced. In short, take them by the hand, as they will not automatically feel comfortable among young people who are much younger than them.

Finally, a party can be the opportunity to communicate about a school project (a humanitarian mission, sporting challenge, etc.) and to collect funds, either on the basis of voluntary donations, or through a ticket levy, which will highlight the association that will receive the money.